The movie “Star Wars” is widely known by all

As the only thing people have in common is their love for Star Wars, this article will focus on that franchise and it’s fandom.

The Star Wars movie’s release was a big event in the film industry. The audience went crazy for it, and the movie was a huge hit worldwide, and there were even rumours about an animated version of the movie in the pipeline.

There are three main reasons why one should watch this movie: 1. Great characters 2. Epic action scenes 3. Awesome special effects

The world of Star Wars is an incredible one. It’s a fantasy universe where characters like Han Solo, Owen Lars and Darth Vader are just a few of them. You may think that the stories written in this universe are complete, but then again you will find some material out there that is created by fans and enthusiasts who love every aspect of Star Wars universe. In short, if you want to write about anything from Star Wars then this list is for you!

We all know Star Wars as a franchise, but how does it fit into the world of fantasy? We are living in a dark time for science fiction since the extinction of Ursa Major. What have science fiction movies contributed to our lifetime?

Fandom is a form of interest aimed at a particular group. Fandoms are often based on a series of movies, such as Star Wars franchise or Doctor Who. For example, there are people who love Star Wars, but they can’t watch the entire series (and if they do not have the money to buy all of them from the movie theater), so they create their own versions of original characters and stories using fan-made images and videos .

Social media provides some opportunities for fans to express their fandom by creating new ‘dibs’ , which indicate where in the timeline their favorite character belongs. Dibs is one of many tools that fans can use for producing ‘dibs’ . However, dibs does not mean everything will be assigned to them overnight.

Star Wars is one of the biggest movie franchises in the world. However, despite being such huge property, it is still rather unknown to most people. There are numerous subplots and story lines that make this franchise so appealing to different generations and fans.

This movie is about a group of rebels who try to rise up against the Galactic Empire. It brings nostalgic nostalgia of the cult classic “Star Wars” movies from our childhoods back for us by having it on celluloid again for all to enjoy.

The plot-lines are engaging and thrilling, with great stunts, fast-paced action sequences and beautifully designed costumes (elements from The Force Awakens were used as inspiration).