There are more and more Star Wars movie making movies every year

The franchise has a fan base that is as large and passionate as the fans of any other popular entertainment franchises.

Various types of “fans” (persons who share in the love for Star Wars) know all about the movies, ongoing stories and characters. These people have vivid imaginations, which means they can create their own personalized versions of the characters from Star Wars.

The day when people start seeing visualisations of these figures in real life is not far away. The films, books, comics and so on are not just some way to entertain us – they become phenomena that we need to learn how to deal with. They also provide inspiration for different kinds of art forms: paintings, prints, sculptures.

Star Wars is a hugely popular sci-fi movie trilogy, which has become very popular in the last few years. Not only was it adapted into a series of movies that were released in cinema between May 2005 and December 2015, but it has also been exported to the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars (1999–2007) and later on to the animated television series Star Wars Rebels (2013–2015). In 2016, the seventh movie in the saga, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released.

The real world is not that different from Star Wars. We are all avid fans of movies and TV shows from sci-fi genres like fantasy or action – animation or live action styles; some combination of both genres. It’s no surprise that we have similar preferences when it comes to collecting figurines.

When you think about Star Wars and the movie you have watched, it has to be one of the most iconic things from our childhood. You may have even grown up with a collection of action figures, costumes and other collectibles.

Now on top of the list are the fandom and cosplay (costumes) that people go to great lengths to show their love for Star Wars.

The Star Wars movie – The Empire strikes back – has generated many passionate fans.

The movie was a huge hit and therefore, the fandom continues to grow.

This fan community is active and well connected to the latest news and movies. Many websites, podcasts, blogs, hashtags have been created for the consumption of this content: #Sidious #HeroesOfTheForce#StarWars5 #EpisodeVII #CantWait

Fandom has become a part of internet culture: it’s widely used in social media and has spread far beyond the Web to other channels like TV shows and video games.

We all know that Star Wars has been a big hit movie since 1977. It also spawned many fan fiction and tabletop games. In 2016, the latest Star Wars movie was released; The Last Jedi. It was an adventure movie much like the previous ones. It had a big budget and ran over two hours long. This is why they decided to create a sequel – The Last Jedi: Rise of Skywalker (2018). And in the same year, the fifth installment in the series called Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) was released.

In some aspects, the Star Wars franchise is like a huge fandom which has a lot of people in it. While other aspects are more like an immense collection of objects that can be used for digital marketing. But just to let you know, this article is not about any fandom, but instead it’s about Star Wars as an advertising medium.